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PNM011 – U CAN

  29.08.2016   Maud Brooke   News   No comments

‘U Can’ is a real pure House 2.0: trendy and personal at the same time, keeping the energy, this makes it PANAM’s crush for this summer! Thank you Antiyu &

PNM010 – Danke Laurent

  10.06.2016   Maud Brooke   News   No comments

The German-French new-born producer is back on PANAM Records: BROOBZ proposes an assumed unpretentious tribute to his master Laurent Garnier with ‘Danke Laurent’, absolute master of Techno we definitely love at PANAM.

PNM009 – Take It Slow

  26.02.2016   Maud Brooke   News   No comments

After Le French - 'Einfach' played by many DJs, PANAM Records is back with another French producer signature: Enzo Piatto. 'Take it slow' brings back summer during winter... A little

PNM008 – Einfach

  18.12.2015   Maud Brooke   News   No comments

Inspired by 90’s new house and techno, “Le French” is back at PANAM with an underground track, high energy and groove leading as always. If you like dark basses and power

PNM001 – Check This Out

  12.01.2015   Maud Brooke   News   No comments

John Revox is back! Waving between EDM style and Tech-House pumping, he went strong from his success with ‘Ole’ in 2007 and decided to listen to his heart. As a